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  • 2022 Thanksgiving Feast & Coat Drive

    2022 Thanksgiving Feast & Coat Drive

    Giving A Helping Hand To Those In Need

2022 Thanksgiving Feast & Coat Drive

Imagine that the holidays are approaching, and your family is struggling to make ends meet. You don’t know how you will pay the rent, much less manage to make a Thanksgiving dinner or afford gifts for your children during the December holidays. This is the reality for many families living in texas  County, as a typical family of four needs over $   72,612 in income to afford the necessities in the county. Did you know how many students are on free and reduced lunch in Texas?

 According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, nearly 3.65 million Texas students were eligible for free or reduced-price school meals last year.

For five years, the Holiday Giving Project of The Future Beyond Charity has provided Thanksgiving dinner,  blankets, jackets drive, Christmas and toy drive, and December holiday assistance to low-income households, refugees, and immigrants. This year our thanksgiving dinner, jackets, and blankets drive were incredible; hundreds of families celebrated the thanksgiving dinner and received jackets for kids and blankets. We talked about the history of thanksgiving day, and this year we included and distributed flyers in four different languages to educate and raise awareness about the covid19,

We are very thankful for our partner, life for relief and development, Syrian American club, donors, and outstanding volunteers

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