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  • Udhiya Distribution

    Udhiya Distribution

    Giving A Helping Hand To Those In Need

Udhiyah Distribution

We are happy to announce that Udhiyah distribution for 300 families will take place this Saturday July 9th at Syrian American club  

5729 Winsome Ln, Houston, TX 77057 

The event will start At 4 pm . This will be a drive through event and on first come first serve basis.There is no need to register.  

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Udhiyah Distribution

Thank you so much to our donors and Volunteers for supporting our Annual Udhyia event ! We won’t be able to make it without your support ! 

350 families this year 🙏 a huge thanks to the Syrian American Club ( Alsham Center ) president’s and board members who generously hosted our event ! 

To all the families who trusted us and registered in our organization: we believe you will do the same for our community when need it !

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